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The easiest thing to do here would probably be to add a link to one of my [many] online dating profiles. That would also be the most mortifying. If you have found this blog, it can only be because you already know me…and I sent it to you…and begged you to read it. So thanks.

If you have somehow stumbled upon on this blog on your own, you should probably know what you are getting yourself into.  I love to plan trips in excruciating detail.   I am a firm believer that well thought-out logistics are the key to any good vacation. Please don’t sugar coat your laziness by calling it spontaneity, because I ain’t buying it.  I write exactly like I talk…with lots of profanity and a general apathy for the feelings of others. I rarely proofread, because it’s bores me. And I make weird faces.  A lot of them…


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