This is how we roll…

Today is the day I have been waiting for. Many many years of waiting. To go zorbing in New Zealand. And for the record, yes have wanted to zorb since before it was featured on the Amazing Race and the Bachelor. For those of you who don’t know what zorbing is, I suggest you do a quick google search and prepare to add an item to that bucket list. Basically, you get in a giant plastic ball and are either strapped in or jump in with a bunch of water and then you roll down a hill in said ball. And this brings me to the fact that Stina has found the perfect job for me. I was put on this earth to set the travel plan and activities for the Amazing Race. I would kick that job’s ass, since it basically consists of what I already do in life for fun…travel the world finding crazy activities and ways to put my life in danger for a quick adrenaline rush. So if anyone knows an exec over at CBS and could hook a sista up, that would be great. I’ll be expecting their call. Oh actually, make it an email – I don’t have cell service here.

So our plan was to figure out how to catch a ride out to the Agrodome, home of the zorb, (note: it sounds oddly similar to the Agro Crag – from Nickelodeon’s Guts – anyone?) but luckily for us our Stray bus driver had to drop some other kids off at our hostel to catch their Hobbiton tour. So we talked our friend Duoang into going with us and our lovely Stray driver Lego agreed to drive us out there. When we arrived we inquired about the various rides we could do. There is wet, dry, straight track, zig zag track. We were then informed that we could do a wet zorb with three people in what they call the “triple bang” ride. Stina, Duoang and I agreed rather quickly that this would be need to happen. So we stripped down to bathing suits and hopped in the truck up the hill. Our lovely zorb master put some water in our ball and we all threw ourselves through the little hole, head first. We then rolled down the hill, sliding around the ball everywhere in the water, limbs all over the place. I think you could hear Stina laughing her ass off from about a mile away. Oh, and we got it on the go pro. YOU’RE WELCOME.

If you are still wondering why we passed on the Hobbiton tour to go Zorbing you really don’t deserve to even be reading this blog. We each did another wet zorb alone down the zig zag track, which was ridiculous. After each zorb there is a hot tub you can jump in while you wait for your next ride. As if zorbing couldn’t be awesome enough already, it comes with a jacuzzi. I had planned to do just two rides, but how could I leave without at least giving a dry one a try? In the dry zorb, they strap you in, so when the ball rolls, you roll with it, all the way around and upside down. Another excellent morning of absurd fun before noon.

Zorb balls at the top off the hill
Zorb balls at the top off the hill
Stina zorbing down the hill
Stina zorbing down the hill

An then we were back on the bus and off to a cultural night on Maori tribal lands at Kohu Tapu Lodge, which is a pretty awesome lodge on Lake Aniwhenua. We schooled some Germans in volleyball, hit up the lodge bar nice and early for happy hour and had a pretty chill evening. We spent most of our time play the Tui game, which is a beer with trivia questions on the cap. If you get the question wrong, you have to chug the beer down to the bird on the label in one go. If you miss it, you have skull it. Then I ate myself into a very uncomfortable state at the traditional Maori feast called a “Hangi” where they cook the food in the ground. All in all, a very successful day. No wifi for the next few days, so until I’m able to update you, just remember – we are having more fun than you.

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