Wino Dinos on Waiheke

Yesterday Stina and I woke up bright and early after about 14 hours of sleep, posted yesterday’s blog, and prepared ourselves for a day of wine tasting on Waiheke Island (code name: heaven). Stop 1: brunch. We were determined not to let the poor people of Auckland who have not been exposed to the finer things like boozy brunch stand in our way. Auckland, however, had other plans. We were successful in finding brunch, however the booze part continued to trip us up. Another restaurant where no one has heard of a mimosa, however they did have bellinis. Fab. We’ll take two (and keep ’em coming). At this point the surly waitress who probably heads up the Auckland chapter of the basic bitch club informed us that they don’t serve booze until 10am…the exact time we were to be on the ferry. And for the record, I saw judgment in her eyes. So we did what any rationale person who needs a drink would do…we asked a different waitress. Less judgmental, but same answer. The restaurant did slightly redeem itself, however, when we each ordered a side of avocado and were rewarded with and ENTIRE avocado each. Oh happy day, all is right in the world again.

Off to Waiheke island! The sun is out and its a perfect day for wine tasting. We make it over on the ferry, hop a bus to the main town and hit up the i-site (information desk). At this point we are told that the buses to the wineries run once every hour (the exact bus that we just go off) but there are a few wineries within walking distance…15 to 30 minutes depending on who you ask. So up the hill we go, with stunning view over the island and the Auckland sky line in the distance. Stina informs me Auckland is basically like Seattle, just a little less fun. We get to our first winery – Cable Bay – and immediately realize the Bougie Backpackers are home. A little boutique winery overlooking the ocean, this place Fess Parker’s super classy younger cousin. We meet a nice Kiwi couple who informs the super hot Kiwi working the tasting room that we are all together and to start pouring. I then photo-bombed a very loud group of Kiwi women and they were none too pleased about it. Chill the fuck out ladies. And quiet down.

Our Kiwi wine tasting friends
Our Kiwi wine tasting friends
Entrance to Cable Bay. So classy.
Entrance to Cable Bay. So classy.

Views and wine!
Views and wine!

Off to winery #2. Beautiful views and a tasting menu that includes bubbles, but other than that, nothing too notable here. Its winery #3 – Jurassic – where the day goes from fabulous to heaven. Jurassic is a suuuuper tiny winery, manned by one guy who moved to the island upon retirement, bought some land and started the winery all on his own. There was a group of regular customers already there. Everyone in the room was over the age of 50, so naturally they adored us and we got along quite well. I was very pleased to discover that Stina posses the same magical quality to immediately endear herself to old people that I do. This should serve us well on our trip. Selfie with the fab winery owner to be included later. We lost track of how much we drank and headed off for the long journey back to the bus stop, when we were offered a free ride by an older gentleman (shocker). We graciously accepted and ten minutes later he was telling us about how American girls can’t handle Kiwi men. I obviously laughed in his face at this remark and he responded “well, maybe except for you. you are the wild one, aren’t you?” Like I haven’t heard that one before. But I’m happy it still shows.

Off to the other side of the island with more tastings, more views, and the most delicious goat cheese “bruchetta” we have ever experienced. We headed back to catch the 6pm ferry back to Auckland. After two minutes on the top deck we said fuck the wind and headed down to get more wine. I mean, it was like 20 minute boat ride. We couldn’t very well lose our buzz at this point. Once the ferry stops we get off, giggling and happy, until confusion settles in when we exit the ferry terminal and realize we have no idea where the hell we are. Hmmmmmm. Stina says, “this isn’t Auckland”, to which I reply “well how do you know that?” Well, “because thats Auckland” and points behind us to the Auckland skyline across the bay. Whoops. Time for a workout as we sprint back into the terminal just in time to waive goodbye to our boat to Auckland. Note: Kiwis are not big on announcing things like where you are. After a short chat with a very nice official-looking man we are told 10 minutes till the next ferry to Auckland. No harm done. But fucking hilarious after 6 hours of drinking. And so we basically laughed our entire way back to Auckland.
Waiheke views!

Stina in the vineyard

Now, what’s a few tipsy gals to do after an entire day of drinking and only one little snack? Make a bee-line for the thai restaurant and get down. And then go to bed at 9pm. Again. I’m starting to sense a theme here. Perhaps one of these days we will drink when the sun goes down like normal people. Nah, fuck normal people.

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