Dinos are going down under!

Today is the day – Christina (who will be referred to as Stina from here on out) and I will be spending two months in Australia and New Zealand. In an effort to accurately depict what we are in for, I have opted for visual aids.

I think this one pretty much sums us up
I think this one pretty much sums us up
The baby dino song
The baby dino song

We will start our journey in Auckland, spending the first three weeks travelling through New Zealand. As you probably know (read: you should already know), NZ is the adventure capital of the world. Probably a bad combination for me, since when I travel I think I’m fucking Bear Grylls and attempt to do the most ridiculous shit on the planet (remember the “bridge” over the anaconda filled river in the Amazon? or when I almost killed my friend canyoning in Slovenia?). In actuality, I am just an accountant who sprains my ankles when brunch gets out of hand…so this should be interesting. If we make it out of NZ alive – which may not happen, based on what I have planned – we will head to Australia for the last month and tackle the east coast. If you wish to follow our journey in pictures, you can use #dinosdownunder. Just disregard the first few pictures posted by some losers who don’t know their hashtag is about to get jacked.

If you judge people for spelling mistakes or overuse of profanity at inappropriate times, I suggest you end your time with this blog now. You can bookmark this little blog of mine when you need reassurance that our lives are way better than yours. I will do my best to feed your jealousy at all times. If the urge to buy a flight to come meet us strikes you then I have three words for you: JUST DO IT. Unless we don’t like you – but be assured, you would know it if we didn’t.

We'll miss you all...I swear
We’ll miss you all…I swear

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